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Electric Bikes Dublin

UCD Bikes remains one of the premier providers of Electric Bikes in Dublin.

Electric bikes are quickly becoming the standard for commuters looking to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and improve their overall fitness. Using modern batteries and a motor system, our range of electric bikes can run for an average of 80km on a single charge. The battery’s themselves are extremely efficient and the electricity cost or recharging is minimal.

Modern electric bikes are lightweight and designed to take the sting out of steep hills or long inclines. [company_named] stocks some of the bestselling e-bikes.
If this is your first electric bike our expert sales team are on hand to advise on the right size and model for you.

For the very best electric bikes in Dublin, get in contact with UCD Bikes today.

Why Purchase an Electric Bike from UCD Bikes?


From our Dublin location, we have been providing quality bikes for years. Our buyer team only selects quality electric bikes from some of the world’s most recognisable bicycle brands. Therefore customers can be assured they’re getting the best electric bike possible.


The team at UCD Bikes have decades of experience with pedal bikes and electric bikes. This expertise means we can advise on the right electric bike for your needs. Whether this is your first electric bike or you would like to upgrade, our experts make sure you get the right bike for your needs.

Customer Service

We believe in the importance of customer service. At UCD Bikes you will always get the best advice delivered by our friendly and approachable team. We understand buying a new bike can seem intimidating so we do our utmost to explain the differences in bikes as clearly as possible.

Electric Bikes Dublin FAQ

  • How much does an electric bike cost?

    The cost of the electric bike is dependent on the type and model. Therefore an electric bike can cost anywhere from €900 up to €3000. How much you should spend is determined by your exact needs. Our team can advise on the right electric bike for your proposed budget. 

  • Can I pedal e-bikes manually?

    Yes, you don’t have to use the e-bike battery instead you can pedal. The battery is typically used as assistance when travelling steep hills or long inclines.